Episode 1: Numberz Ascending

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A Fintech’s journey from inception to acquisition!

In Episode 1 of Unotumbler Stories, we are in conversation with Aditya and Rajeev. In 2015, they both co-founded Numberz, a Fintech company focused on solving the Account Receivables problem for Enterprises. The company was successfully acquired by Chargebee in 2021 and has now been rebranded as Chargebee Receivables.

Hear, as the still in sync and still on point, co-founders discuss and breakdown their (6 years only!) journey from inception to acquisition! Hear the backstory about how the name Numberz came to be (don’t miss the story of their earlier name), how they managed co-founder & team dynamics and how they pivoted from their early thesis towards scale & acquisition!

Know more about the founders and about Numberz here:

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