Episode 3: Knolskape Learnings

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How a storytelling engineer, created a market leading L&D company!

In Episode 3 of UnoTumbler stories, we are in conversation with Rajiv, Founder & CEO at Knolskape. Knolskape is a Learning & Development company which develops experiential and gamified learning content for corporates. Always creatively inclined, Rajiv dabbled with theatre & short filmmaking before embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship. A lower than expected outcome in a learning class sparked the idea of marrying technology and learning – and Knolskape was born!

Hear how Knolskape started off with learning solutions for universities – where CXO’s used their products to learn. And how they pivoted to developing products for the same corporates in which these CXOs worked! Hear deep insights on what works in the learning space and what doesn’t. Learn about how the initial Knolskape product was created and the thinking that went behind it. Hear how they cracked their first corporate deal with just 10 employees and what goes into closing a B2B deal. Hear the growth journey and how Knolskape has grown to 400+ clients and 150+ employees – across 25 countries!

An insightful conversation with a fabulous founder and leader! Enjoy!

Know more about Rajiv and the company here:

Rajiv Jayaraman: ⁠https://shorturl.at/dtvUV

Website: ⁠https://knolskape.com/

⁠Funding: ⁠https://shorturl.at/hly07

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