Episode 5: Nurturing Sparkling Mindz!

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Innovation in Education!

In Episode 5 of UnoTumbler Stories, we are in conversation with Sreeja Iyer, Founder and CEO at Sparkling Mindz. Founded in 2011, Sparkling Mindz is a Bangalore based Cambridge (IGCSE) affiliated school which is creating change makers for the future! Sparked off with the realization that children are not getting what they need to be successful and joyful learners, Sreeja and team developed a unique and innovative curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

Hear how Sparkling Mindz started off with a weekend and after-school program for young children, gradually evolving into a pre-school, and eventually growing into a full-fledged school! Learn how Sreeja, who herself is a hardware semiconductor engineer turned educator, developed the idea to create changemakers. Learn more about how their gamified curriculum, Mission based learning and their no-classroom approach is inspiring confident learners and change makers!

A truly inspiring story and something that we need a lot more of!!

Know more about Sreeja and Sparkling Mindz here:

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