Episode 6: The Eucloid Arithmetic

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Bootstrapping it’s way to Fortune 100 clients!

In Episode 6 of UnoTumbler Stories, we are in conversation with Anuj Gupta, Co-Founder and COO at Eucloid Data Solutions. Founded in 2020, Eucloid is a Data Analytics and Engineering startup co-founded by Anuj and Raghvendra, both batchmates from IIT Delhi. They work with Fortune 100 clients, have a team of 50+ high quality people – all with ZERO funding! Yes – Meet a bootstrapped founder, who along with his co-founder has been successfully able to start and scale his company with no VC or debt funding.

Learn more about why they are bootstrapped and what it takes to run a company in bootstrapped fashion. Coming from large companies, see how the founders adapted to this new environment and the key success factors that have helped them succeed. Pedigreed founders not raising VC money? That’s rare! But what’s even more amazing is the great team they have been able to get on board. Don’t miss the hiring hack Anuj uses to hire the best talent!

Humble, bootstrapped, cash positive and with a stellar bunch of clients – it’s a story which the Indian startup ecosystem needs much more of!

Know more about Anuj and Eucloid here:

Anuj Gupta: https://shorturl.at/cptvM

Raghvendra Kushwah: https://shorturl.at/qwADI

Website: https://www.eucloid.com/

More details: https://shorturl.at/jI278

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