Episode 7: Health Assured!

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Building India’s largest Primary Healthcare network!

In Episode 7 of UnoTumbler Stories, we are in conversation with Varun Gera, Founder and CEO at HeathAssure. Founded in 2011, HealthAssure is building India’s largest primary healthcare network. Varun is a rare founder who started the company when he was 41 (a “late” founder as they say). And what was he doing before that? He was the India CEO of United Health Care – the world’s largest healthcare company!! Imagine taking the leap from that stage and at that age.

Hear as Varun recounts the HealthAssure story, the early wins and the learnings from his journey. Get some superb insights on how to deal with unforeseen events, the importance of advisors and what it is like to fundraise (HealthAssure is upto Series B). Hear about how physical and mental fitness have played a super important role in his journey and how to balance growth with fiscal prudence. Watch how HealthAssure has grown to 400+ people, with a network across 1200 cities, serving more than 200 blue chip clients!

Full of wisdom, not in a hurry and a successful and fit founder – this is what happens when experience meets risk taking!

Know more about Varun and HealthAssure here:

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