Episode 8: Agri 2 Power Catalyst!

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Solving North India’s stubble burning problem!

In Episode 8 of UnoTumbler Stories, we are in conversation with Sukhmeet Singh, Founder & CEO at A2P Energy. This is a startup which is not only solving North India’s stubble burning problem, it is also adding to farmers income and also generating clean energy! Level headed, focused and solving a real pressing problem – this is truly a startup worth emulating.

Hear as Sukhmeet traces his journey from being a Treasury consultant, to being part of ISB’s Entrepreneurship team, to finally founding A2P Energy. Hear him talk about building from the ground up, about their process, the technology and the impact A2P has created. It’s not everyday that a founder can proudly claim to have prevented farm fires on 5000+ Acres! No wonder they have won more than 40 awards!!

Know more about Sukhmeet and A2P Energy here:

Sukhmeet Singh: https://shorturl.at/szFXY

Website: https://shorturl.at/qrOST

Awards: https://shorturl.at/dhyMY

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