Episode 9: Truly Smytten (Part 2)

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The people of Smytten!

In Episode 9 (Part 2) of UnoTumbler Stories – we continue the Smytten story with the People of Smytten. Featuring: Radhika, Chhavi, Purav, Pratiti, Nesarg, Krishan, Khanjan and Tamanna! Watch as Sid walks us through their awesome people strategy and how the team came together, how they hired initially, the working environment and the culture of Smytten. One of the few companies which wholeheartedly loves freshers and interns – Smytten has majorly built their team around youngsters and only recently added a few core senior folks to the team. Hear from these youngsters about why they joined Smytten, their personal experiences and how they have owned the opportunities that have come their way. Hear the experienced folks about the value they are adding and how it was settling into the Smytten culture and working with youngsters.

Building a new age company and hiring in Ahmedabad has its own challenges. Watch how Sid and Swagat have navigated these challenges by not only creating an open culture for employees but also including their parents to be part of company milestones! No surprise then as they have built one of the smartest startup teams around!

Learn more about these fabulous bunch of trailblazers here: https://shorturl.at/dstFR

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