About AuthBridge

Founded in 2005 by Ajay Trehan, AuthBridge is India’s largest Authentication company, delivering cutting-edge technology and alternate data analysis for Identity Management, Onboarding & Verification, and Business Intelligence. Today AuthBridge is trusted by over 2,000 clients in 140 countries for their background check needs. The company maintains a database of over 1 Billion proprietary data records for conducting background checks, with an impressive volume of 15 million background checks every month. AuthBridge raised it’s Series B in 2021.

What UnoTumbler helped with

UnoTumbler was initially drafted in to advise Authbridge on their business storytelling. Worked with the founder to enable their strategic repositioning via marketing ownership and new vertical launches. Transitioned to a full-time role from 2020 to 2022 to support strategy and growth efforts of the company. In the same period, worked on their fundraising and marketing efforts to enable a successful Series A and Series B fundraise. Before exiting back to UnoTumbler, strengthened their growth strategy by streamlining their account management function and driving structural process improvements.


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Long-term value for all customers

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