About Batt:Re

Founded by Nishchal Chaudhary in 2017, Batt:Re Electric Mobility, is a startup that has been ideated and incubated with the purpose of achieving all inclusive and sustainable modes of transportation using renewable energy sources. With a product portfolio focused on urban mobility, Batt:Re products meet your expectations of a fun, agile drive with exceptional comfort and distinctive minimalist design. Today the company has a network of 400+ dealerships in 21 states and 276 towns. The company has also raised angel and seed rounds of investment.

What UnoTumbler helped with

UnoTumbler advised BattRe during their early journey, with majority guidance focused on their fundraising strategy and pitch deck. We worked with the founder to put together their early positioning and business collateral. Additionally, also aligned external stakeholders to help drive due diligence and governance processes. Worked closely with the founder to onboard their major angel investor and helped them successfully close their angel round.


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Long-term value for all customers

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