Anuj Gupta, Co-Founder Eucloid

“Utkarsh and his team are an ideal partner that every startup could ask and wish for. Their technical proficiency, ability to advise in ambiguous situations, and attention to detail have been instrumental in driving our business forward. With their help in areas such as defining our company value prop, ideal customer profile, branding and digital marketing, our company has been able to establish a strong online presence and attract a diverse clientele. Their strategic approach resulted in a driving a step function jump in how we develop competitive moats and improve our digital presence.”

About Eucloid

Founded by Anuj Gupta and Raghvendra Kushwah, Eucloid is a Data and Growth Intelligence firm. Founded in 2020 – Eucloid powers smarter business decisions and digital growth for Fortune 500 companies, through unified data platforms and digital commerce solutions. With operations across India & US, Eucloid caters to the Retail, BFSI, Consumer Durables, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries among others.

What UnoTumbler helped with

UnoTumbler advised Eucloid on their business storytelling by putting together their overall content & marketing strategy. We helped setup their content engine to drive in-depth and comprehensive content including blogs, white papers, case studies. Worked with the founders to plan their social media calendar and design deliverables. Additionally worked with their internal and external stakeholders to execute their social media and design strategy. Finally before rolling off, helped setup their content engine and in-house team.



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Long-term value for all customers

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