Money Matters Part 1: How does Startup Hiring Happen

Money Matters Part 1: How does Startup Hiring Happen

This is Part 1 of Money Matters. View this series of videos for insights on Startup Hiring, Salaries, Performance, Layoffs and ESOPs. In Part 1 we discuss how Startup Hiring Happens.

Money matters! Many times, folks enter the startup world with an incorrect salary structure or an incorrect understanding of how things happen – both of which can lead to demotivation or potential loss in wealth creation. Watch this video to understand the inner workings of HR in a startup environment. For this video, I have with me Dora Harsh Suri – an HR specialist who works exclusively with startups and entrepreneurs. Watch as she shares some stellar insights into Money matters for Startup folks. Understand more about startup hiring, salary negotiations, performance reviews and layoffs. She can be reached at or her social media profiles.
She has keen interest in children’s education space and has authored 3 picture books for kids. You can check out her books on this link:

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