Madhur Ramani, Founder PeakScale

“I have taken Utkarsh’s help for my startup – PeakScale – in various capacities over the years – for sales, go to market or fundraising. He is the first person I think of when I want to figure something out wrt the above aspects – because his inputs are always practical and I am confident that he has my best interest at heart.”


About Peakscale

Founded by Madhur Ramani, PeakScale is an operations optimization platform which automates business processes and workflows related to teams, customers, equipment assets and inventory. Specifically designed to cater to a wide range of restaurant processes, Peakscale works across various formats – QSRs, restaurants, cafes, bars, cloud kitchens, breweries, roasters, packaged foods & beverages, and others, PeakScale’s workflow automation software helps set business processes on auto-pilot so that teams can focus on growing their business instead.

What Unotumbler helped with

UnoTumbler advised Peakscale on their sales, GTM and fundraising strategy. Initially worked closely with the founder for their B2B sales and GTM efforts. In the latter part of the engagement, worked with the founder to refine their pitchdeck and assisted the founder in his fundraising effort. Unotumbler was successful in helping him close his seed round from angels while also helping the founder navigate the SHA/SSA technicalities.


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Long-term value for all customers

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