Unotumbler Stories Ep2: 4 Friends, Serendipity & 1500 acres Farm2Fresh goodness!

Unotumbler Stories Ep2: Deep Rooted Tales! 4 Friends, Serendipity & 1500 acres Farm2Fresh goodness!

In Episode 2 of Unotumbler Stories, we are in conversation with Guru. He is one of the co-founders of Deep Rooted, a D2C startup providing Fresh and contamination-free Fruits and Vegetables to consumers. Guru along with 3 of his longtime friends (who have all known each other for 35 years!) started this journey together in 2018.

Hear the fantastic story of founders who are building this rapidly growing Farm to Fresh company, despite having no prior experience in farming. They got started on this journey with serendipity, but then kept going and scaling with solid problem-solving skills. Get insights into the problems Farmers face; See how Covid induced their B2C pivot ahead of time; And learn how they have grown to more than 2L direct consumers, across multiple cities with their farm base going from 1 acre to 1500 acres!!

A fabulous, free flowing and fun conversation. Have included sections for easy listening but would recommend watching in one go. Enjoy!

Know more about Guru and the company here:

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