Kumar Mayank, Co-Founder & CEO Zimyo
‘UnoTumbler to a startup is what Ikigai is to life. A Purpose. And that’s what Utkarsh is helping me find at Zimyo, and in my startup life. For many entrepreneurs, striving to find PMF or growth is a journey filled with unfathomable revelations and unknown biases. As a startup founder – just blindly following your passion can’t get your startup to succeed. You need a mirror at times, a method to the madness and I believe UnoTumbler gets you that. No sugarcoating, always challenging the status quo. Utkarsh works in ways you wouldn’t expect your typical mentor to operate. And while it is always hard to pen down your gratitude for someone who has worked with you to make your dream big, Utkarsh is one of best mentors I ever had.”
About Zimyo
Founded by Kumar Mayank and Ajay Kadyan, Zimyo is an HR Tech company that offers a complete suite of human resource management systems. Trusted by 2000+ organizations and 5,00,000+ employees, Zimyo is one of the leading players in the HRMS domain, offering a range of HR processes including HR & Payroll Management, Attendance and Leave Management, Performance Management, Talent Acquisition, and more. The company has successfully raised seed and pre-series A rounds of investment.
What Unotumbler helped with
UnoTumbler has advised Zimyo across all three aspects – Business Storytelling, Growth and Fundraise. The engagement started by helping the founders put together their early positioning and sales enablement collateral. As the engagement deepened, we worked with the founders to define their fundraising strategy and pitch deck. Advised the founders through their successful seed round fundraise. In our second phase of engagement, UnoTumbler is working with the founder and his sales and marketing team – helping them on their growth strategy.

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